Javeria Abbasi Spotted At A Wedding With Her Daughter Anzela Abbasi

The theatrical industry has employed Javeria Abbasi for many years. Javeria Abbasi has excelled in life, playing every role available on the Pakistani market, from a leading lady to a mother’s character. In the most recent season of dramas, she gave a fantastic performance in Akhir Kab Tak. Javeria Abbasi is from a family of very gifted people.Shamoon Abbasi, in addition to having a distinguished profession, and Anoushey Abbasi are two well-known individuals who have been working on various outstanding projects. Anzela Abbasi, a recent newcomer to the field, is the daughter of Javeria and Shmoon Abbasi. Anzela has a sizable social media fan base despite not actively acting in many dramas. The mother and daughter diva-duo was recently spotted at a wedding for a family.

Javeria Abbasi herself was dressed in a white traditional jora, while Anzela was sporting a stunning purple attire. As the three actresses snapped photos and shared them with their followers, Anoushey Abbasi was also sighted at the wedding. Here are a few recent photos of Anzela and Javeria Abbasi together during a wedding for family: