Back in the day, wedding preparations could turn into veritable nightmares. There were as many trips to Rabi center and Anarkali Bazaar, the tailors and the jewelers, as there were to in-laws. Juggling it all was so stressful that extra trips to the parlor/salon were mandatory; an attempt to take care of the pre-mature whiteness of the hitherto shiny, lustrous hair. (Even the fashionably-bald needed an oil massage and a fix for the sweat raining down the scalp.)

It wasn’t just limited to wedding preparations, though. From major occasions such as Eids and New Year to even the usual hunt for clothes left us reliant on the whims of tailors, designers, the traffic, haggling owners, and more. It had its highs, but they were outweighed by the lows. But now, you can bid adieu to all those hassles, saving time, energy and even money as you can find the best quality clothes online.


Yes, you are wondering, as did I, shopping for clothes isn’t just about the fabric and the price. What about the fitting and the tailoring, the brand and the color options, the accessories and matching/contrasting shoes, and so forth? For my sister’s wedding last month, I used online shopping in Pakistan – Jambo.pk in particular, and the process was nothing like the train wreck that earlier weddings had been. Rather, it would be fair to say it was more like a stroll in the park in the early morning with the dew on the grass and the fresh breeze. But I shouldn’t get carried away with analogies and share with you why online shopping, rather Jambo.pk, is such a viable solution for all those looking for stylish wares for weddings, parties or simply to look stunning day in, day out, as you should.

Why Jambo.pk
Jambo.pk is an online shopping store, with an extensive apparel collection that isn’t limited to women, but also men and children. It isn’t just limited to clothes, though, with extensive range of accessories and footwear also available – all in one window.


But still, what is so special about Jambo.pk, especially if you consider the multitude of online shopping stores, including those specializing in fashion, such as e-stores of reputed fashion labels? That’s what I was concerned about, too, until I agreed to give Jambo.pk a try. Let’s begin with the basics.

For the complete woman

Any particular brand’s e-store will only showcase collections of that brand or designer – often from obsolete collections which aren’t available anymore, but the webmasters are too lazy to take them down. More often than not, the clothes you select are unavailable. Plus, there are also limitations of style, price and often color palette, with a particular designer’s signature style reflected throughout the collection.


But women thrive on diversity and uniqueness. At least I do. That’s where Jambo.pk comes in, with its category dedicated to Women’s Fashion being not only extensive, but also easy to navigate. There are a multitude of brands, price ranges, colors, sizes AND discounts. (Trust me, some of the deals will have you drooling.)

Categorization, Filtering & Functionality

But what I loved above all is how well organized the website is. The women’s section is divided into: a) Women’s Clothing; b) Winter Wear; c) Women’s Accessories; and d) Women’s Footwear.

Each sub-category is further sub-divided, with Women’s Clothing having everything from Shalwar Kameez to unstitched fabrics, tops to t-shirts, innerwear to nightwear, and so on. Simply, Winter Wear is equally well organized. For shoes, you can either have the complete view, or choose from heels, pumps, joggers, flip-flops, flats, etc. No surprise then that accessories are also equally diligently broken down into jewelry, bags, belts, sunglasses, perfumes, etc.


But that’s not it. You can sort each page, whether main category, sub-category, or sub-division within a sub-category, on the basis of number of products you want per page, and how you want to sort it based on brand, price, etc.

Hold on. The wonders that Jambo.pk offers don’t end there. There are filters, too, with high functionality. Filters include Category, Brand (and they have some really cool brands and fashion labels), Colors, Price, Size (depending upon category; waist for women’s clothing, collar for men’s) along with additional ones, showing that quite a lot of thinking has gone into the making of this website to ensure easy and simple navigation for the user.

Jambo.pk – Equally Effective for the Stylish Man

The section dedicated to Men’s Fashion on Jambo.pk follows the same logic and interface as of women’s, ensuring easy navigation and high efficacy for the visitor. Breaking down products into sub-categories such as Men’s clothes, accessories, footwear and winter wear; and then further sub-dividing them makes it easy for the visitor to quickly find what he/she is looking for.


The filters, with its long list of brands, particularly for clothes and watches, make Jambo.pk the perfect one-stop solution to get all the sexy and sleek accessories that you desire. And once I switched the number of items to view on the page from 32 to 128 (yup, some funny nerd-play going on there), my husband didn’t only spot his dream watch, but also the ones that he wants for his next seven anniversaries.

Certain things you do at your own peril. But Jambo.pk is surely a risk worth taking.

Faryal Najeeb