Is Actress Sidra Niazi Relative of Imran Khan Niazi?

In Pakistan, the Niazi are a well-known and respected tribe. In Mianwali, the population is primarily Niazi. However, the first person that springs to mind when the name Niazi is mentioned is undoubtedly Imran Ahmed Khan Niazi, a former Pakistani prime minister. Pakistanis are aware with his tribe’s name because overzealous politicians always refer to him by it.

We now have a new Niazi in town, Sidra Niazi, who we have previously seen in Chupke Chupke, Zakham, Inam e Mohabbat, and Badzaat. Sidra, who has a good eye on the nation’s current problems, fell into acting by mistake and has since done a fantastic job to maintain her position.

Sidra admitted in an interview with Fuchsia that she had been the subject of a lot of speculation about her relationship to Imran Khan and had finally chosen to put that to rest. Sidra claimed that while the Niazi tribe is not very large, most members are acquainted. She is not a related of Imran Khan, though her grandmother and her father’s family knew them and occasionally got together. She went on to say that although she had attended the same wedding as Imran Khan, she had never met him in person.

Listen to Sidra as she finally unravels this mystery: