Interesting Marriage Advice From Sana Fakhar For Girls

Only a few stars emerged from Lollywood after Sultan Rahi’s death, which also led to the extinction of the Pakistani film industry, and were able to maintain their success over the long term. Sana Fakhar is one of those actresses who was able to establish a reputation for herself in the industry, did a majority of solid films, and did not make many concessions in the projects she signed. Later, Sana Fakhar began acting in plays and gave some highly memorable and powerful performances, such as her play Alif Allah Aur Insaan, which will never be forgotten.

From 2008 through 2022, Sana Fakhar was wed to Fakhar Imam. The couple recently split up and had two children together. Sana and Fakhar just announced their separation and sent their best wishes for one other’s future endeavours without providing any other information.

Sana recently shared a funny take on who to marry as she advises women what to look for when choosing a husband.