Fashion will always be a subjective topic. What people will find attractive may seems boring and dull to you and what you deems as a perfect design, might not get appreciated from other people. Yet, there are times when you finally hit the nail on the head and get that perfect dress or t shirt for you that makes everyone ask where did you get it? And the story behind such moments always includes several trips to different local markets on various occasions to “accidentally” found the exact thing you were looking for with the same attributes that you have in your mind about it.


But that is turning into a thing of past. Now you can do it at the comfort of your home. With the recent influx of thousands of websites offering online shopping in Pakistan, it has become easy for us “fashionistas” to browse thousands of fashion & clothing items for hours without even realizing. We can view different colors & varieties, compare prices of the products from different websites to get the best bargain without having a debate with the vendor and so on.



From casual dress items such as t shirts or tops to more formal dresses, you can now find almost everything online in Pakistan. In fact some of the brands has recently started offering online exclusive products range. These products won’t be available in their local outlets & you can’t find them anywhere else except their official website. And day by day the choices of consumer are increasing.


But the luxury always comes with a price. In our case the price is “decision”. With literally unlimited products on hundreds of websites, it’s becoming harder every day for shoppers to decide what they want. Sometimes you like the print of the clothes yet unable to find it in the color you adore. Similarly if you find that perfect color you ended up being stuck with the designs that you don’t like. It’s a rare thing that you find the exact same thing which you have in your mind with all the bells and whistles you wanted. But imagine, what if you can create your own design with your selected colors and make it 100% unique? Although sounds a bit unreal yet you are in luck now as, the leading online shopping store in Pakistan has launched its much awaited feature of online custom products.


Though limited to t shirts, caps etc. for now, you can create & design your own clothing items and other products like mobile cases in just 3 simple steps with Add some funny text or your name or even upload your own art and get it printed on your t shirt. The best thing is you can do it online and order the finished products at the same time.


For now you can create your own t shirts, caps, home decor items like wall clocks, ketches accessories like coffee mugs, mobile cases and personalized gifts for occasional like Mother’s Day. has plans to expand the product line and make it possible for shoppers to even customize the existing products with their own color or design. This will revolutionize the online shopping behavior in Pakistan as you don’t have to limit yourself to pre-made designs anymore. You can get yourself a 100% unique, one-of-a-kind product that only you own. Feels good right? So what are you waiting for? Head over to create and start designing products exclusively for yourself.