Humayun Saeed Performed Umrah

Humayun Saeed, a well-known actor from Pakistan, has had a lot of success recently in overseas ventures. The fifth season of The Crown recently came out. Additionally, he won a Filmfare award in Dubai. The actor intended to perform Umrah after the awards ceremony.

Along with his wife Samina Humayun, his sister-in-law, his business partner Shehzad Naseeb, and several friends, Humayun Saeed is currently in Saudi Arabia performing the Umrah. Photos from Saudi Arabia have been submitted by Humayun, Samina, and Sana. Additionally, they have personalised prayer mats bearing their names. When Humayun was travelling from Medina to Makkah, he shared his photos with the world. Additionally, he shared images of Masjid e Nabwi and Masjid ul Haram. The actor also sent a touching letter regarding his Umrah pilgrimage. The actor from The Crown isn’t posting many photos from Umrah, but here are a few snippets from his journey to Saudi Arabia. Look at this: