The drama industry is thriving, and we are seeing new dramas as well as new actors and actresses making their debuts and gaining recognised for their strong performances, even if Pakistani films need to develop and improve as an industry. There is an influx of new talent, and instead of seeing the same performers in every play, we are now seeing different actors. Hira Umer, who portrayed Hala, who is Hania Aamir’s half-sister in Mere Humsafar, is a new face that has undoubtedly captured the eye of the audience.

Maryam, the London-born sister who offers everyone’s favourite Hala a shoulder to weep on, was played by Hira Umer. Even though she only had a minor part in the drama, she did honour to the character and did a fantastic job playing Maryam. Here are some images of Hira Umer, who looks stunning in them. Look at this: