Hira Mani Got Teared While Clarifies Her Stance On Dua Zehra

Hira Mani Weeps as She Defends Her Position Towards Dua Zehra—Watch Video

Hira Mani is renowned for expressing ludicrous thoughts. She won’t be afraid to speak her mind and call people out without considering the repercussions. This time, she continued to support Dua Zehra and Zaheer and hoped for their continued union. On her Instagram stories, she shared this. She also referred to herself as politically correct if not emotionally correct.

This is what Hira had posted:

Hira has come forward and provided clarification after receiving harsh abuse on social media and trending on Twitter for being referred to as “Dumb.”

She was sobbing and explained that she was on vacation in Dubai and had been unaware that Dua Zehra was an adolescent victim who had been abducted. She expressed her regret for being inconsiderate to both her followers and Dua Zehra’s parents. Hira said the following:

Public is divided over the apology with some thinking that Dua’s case is 3 months old and everyone knows about it and others appreciating Hira for apologizing and asked her to move on. Check out: