Hina Ashfaq is both an actress and a model. When it comes to advertising, many firms choose Se first because she began her career as a model. She has made appearances in social media and television commercials. Due to her ability to wear any garment elegantly, she has also served as the face of numerous fashion lines.

Additionally making her acting debut, Hina Ashfaq can be seen in dramas. She has appeared in the films Alif, Paposh Nagar Ki Neelam, and Munkir. She appeared in the movie Thora Jee Le as well. Hina Ashfaq constantly relishes the present. She performed while a guest at the wedding of bloggers Warisha Khan and Azlan Shah, proving that she is a skilled dancer.

Hina performed on some of her favourite Madhuri Dixit songs. She performed a dance routine to the songs Choli Ke Peechay and Badi Mushkil.

Here is a video of Hina doing her breathtaking dance routine at Warisha’s wedding:

In her tribute performance to Madhuri Dixit, Hina Ashfaq demonstrated her prowess as a dance floor burner. What the audience thinks of her dancing is as follows: