Hina Altaf Discusses Her Plan for Motherhood and Horrible Rumors

Beautiful Pakistani television actress Hina Altaf. Udaari, Agar, Gumrah, Pagli, Dil E Janam, and Aatish are some of his well-known dramas. Despite having a sizable Instagram following, Hina Altaf maintains her marital status a secret. The actress thinks that only a select few things should be kept private and that nothing should be posted on social media. In a recent interview with BBC, she discussed an earlier interview in which she discussed her family intentions and how her comments were misrepresented on social media.

Hina Altaf discussed how her previous interview was misrepresented by fake YouTube channels, saying, “I didn’t like one thing, once I visited a morning show where I was asked about my family planning to which I replied that we will be happy whenever Allah will bless us with kids, but after a few days I received a fake YouTube dubbed video in which the commentator was saying that Hina Altaf is pregnant and she will announce a good news soon,In addition, Hina Altaf stated, “It grieved me a lot to have experienced two miscarriages before to this pregnancy.” In Hina Altaf’s opinion, she will eagerly welcome having children whenever Allah grants her that favour. Consider watching the video: