Heartfelt Video Messages From Pakistani Celebrities for Youm-e-Ashura

Today, Youm-e-Ashur is honoured globally with the appropriate solemnity and holiness. The 10th of Muharram-ul-Haram, known as Youm-e-Ashura, is the most revered day in Islamic history and the day on which Hazrat Imam Hussain (AS) and his followers made the greatest sacrifices in order to preserve Islam. Shia Muslims observe different mourning customs and commemorative processions to remember the catastrophe.

Celebrities from Pakistan are also honouring Ashura with the utmost respect and dignity. Famous people turned to social media to send moving video messages on Youm-e-Ashura, including Nadia Hussain, Yumna Zaidi, Ahsan Khan, Aagha Ali, and others. Let’s look at it!