HD Nikkah Pictures Of Fazila Qazi and Qaisar Khan’s Son

Pakistani television actress Fazila Qazi has a great deal of potential. She began working in the theatre business in the early 1990s. Fans appreciate the ideal celebrity duo of Fazila Qazi and Qaisar Khan Nizamani. Actress Fazila Qazi has starred in numerous popular PTV programmes. They adore seeing the couple on television. Rozi, Kashish, Muqaddas, Khatoon Manzil, Nazr e Bad, and many other popular serials are just a few of the ones Fazila has worked on.
Ahmed’s parents Fazila Qazi and Qaisar Khan Nizamani released his wedding photos last week. Ahmed and Zurin, the two gorgeous and adult offspring of the two stars, are brothers.

Fazila Qazi recently posted a few high-definition photos of her son Ahmed Khan Nizamani’s wedding. Nahel and Ahmed got married. The celebrities’ relatives and friends also joined them for the wedding. In a touching post, Fazila Qazi shared images of herself and her lovely daughter-in-law. The son and daughter-in-law of Fazila Qazi made a cute couple. Check out the images: