Ayesha Omar says , “I am extremely thrilled to have won,” she tells us via Facebook, as she is currently not in Pakistan. “I worked extremely hard on this album and I guess all the hard work paid off.”While she is travelling and has not come across the Twitter posts and articles lambasting the LSA platform for awarding her the trophy, she does add, “Haters will always hate and obviously jealousy will always exist! People who lose will always be sore.”Ayesha also said, “The critics don’t always understand the way the minds of the masses work. Anything can appeal to them. Even something that is not technically great. Another huge music project is coming out right after Eid… you will see me performing in that as well. So the critics should wait and check that out.”.


She says she feels honoured to have been nominated along with “huge names” like Sajjad Ali and Sajid and Zeeshan, whose music she says “has always been a source of inspiration and motivation”.

“I never expected to win,” she admits. “I don’t even come close to their experience and skill but this was a voting category and I guess music listeners and fans out there did like something about my album. The criticisers have a right to state their views.”

According to the official results Ayesha bagged 18,377 votes, while the lowest number was earned by Dynoman for Naubahar. It is clear that she bagged the most votes owing to her popularity from Bulbulay. It is possible that people who voted for her even didn’t even know that she could sing. Unfortunately, this is what happens when you leave an important award that does not have as much mass appeal for the public to decide. Music categories should only be awarded according to their genres, like they were with the Indus Music and The Music Aawards.

Source: http://showbizspice.com/