Hareem Shah Suddenly Cried in Mathira Show During Interview

Hareem Shah is a very contentious individual who is frequently featured in the news and on social media whenever she is linked to a famous person or when there is a question regarding her husband. Most recently, she was prominently featured in the media due to her leaked pornographic videos, which she claimed were leaked by her own old friends. But Hareem Shah is constantly mentioned in the media, sadly never in a positive way.

She attended Mathia’s performance as a guest. People often reveal new information about their lives on Mathira’s broadcast. Hareem Shah has always had her trademark smile and never backs down, but when she appeared as a guest on Mathira’s show, everything changed drastically. She was questioned by Mathira about her lack of emotional outburst following such a major catastrophe as the publication of her recordings and images.

Hareem Shah should not be afraid to express her emotions, according to Mathira, who also questioned why she never even shows a hint of emotion after a major issue because women tend to lose their composure more readily. At this point, Hareem began to sob, so Mathira had to stop and comfort her.