Haq Meher Details of Cricketer Haris Rauf Wife Muzna Masood

The highlight of this month was the Nikkah ceremony for the speedster Haris Rauf. On the day of their Nikkah, Haris Rauf and his wife Muzna Masood Malik looked charming, and admirers applauded the stunning couple. Close friends and relatives of Muzna and Haris were present at the event.

The photography page just posted a video from Haris Rauf’s Nikkah ceremony in which the Nikkah solemnizer announces the bowler’s Haq Meher in front of the family. “The Haq Meher (Marriage Settlement) of Speedy Haris Rauf is 25 Tola Gold jewelry, which has already been delivered to the bride Muzna Masood Malik,” the Nikkah solemnizer declared. Following the announcement, the Nikkah was officially reinstituted after being agreed upon by both parties. Check out the Nikkah video by Haris Rauf:

The Nikkah scenes and the fact that Haris had already given his bride Muzna Masood Malik Haq Meher were well received by the audience. Fans were also estimating the marriage settlement, which is thought to be about 30 lac PKR. Some admirers slammed the couple for overspending on their Nikkah celebration. One supporter lambasted the pair for flaunting their enormous supply of Haq Meher in public while wearing pricey outfits. The video won over a lot of fans. Take a look at the feedback left by fans: