Aisha Khan and Hamza Ali Abbasi are well-known figures in Pakistani showbiz who have made significant contributions to the sector. Aisha and Hamza have frequently shared the screen together and have a close friendship as well. Their friendship had previously caused some confusion about their relationship, but the performers later clarified that they are simply good friends. In 2018, Aisha Khan and Major Uqbah got married. On the other hand, in 2019 the actor Hamza Ali Abbasi wed Naimal Khawar.

Recently, the performers and their families were seen socialising together last night. Aisha Khan and her husband Major Uqbah, as well as Hamza Ali Abbasi and his wife Naimal Khawar, were seen having supper and enjoying time together. The actors’ fan base was left drooling over the gorgeous family photos when they posted some fascinating images from the dinner to their social media pages. Let’s look at it!