Gul Ahmed recently launched, women winter Pashmina shawl dresses Collection 2013. Gul Ahmed was founded in 1953. Since 1953, it showcased so many collections of the most high and excellent quality. This textile factory has received so many awards for its effective and mind blowing operations. Gul Ahmed provides clothes for women. It provides also outside clothing, shoes and other fashion accessories. Gul Ahmed products are famous around the world. As we know that these days Gul Ahmed is busy to highlight its collections of winter under different categories the colors used for this collection are bright as the red, blue, green etc, yellow. Among all the categories, the most important category of the Gul Ahmed is Pashmina shawl We would like to mention that Gul Ahmed Pashmina Châle collection 2013 includes the material of fabric shirts long pants with elegant shawl. In this collection, Gul Ahmed used high-quality materials fabric Pashmina. Casual wear, wear semi-formal, formal wear, party wear, wedding apparel, bridal wear. They offers dresses in seams Eastern and Western styles. always a pleasure to wear something again with the passage of time and mode trend.let see this beautiful collection.