Grapes The Brand, who offer exclusive variety of ladies eastern and western kurtas tops jeans shirts tights and much more, recently launched its latest winter collection 2014 for those young girls and women who are looking for the best winter dresses according to the latest fashion trend in Pakistan.There are beautiful linen embroidered kurta with piping, linen self print kurta with back and embroidered, Chinese embroidery kurtas and Grapes coat collar kurtas in this Grapes The Brand Linen Embroidered Kurta Collection 2014……New year 2014 just arrived and millions of people are looking forward for latest fashion trend in their own regions. Whenever the season changes, there is a huge demand of the dresses which are made according to the current season and fashion trend. The fashion brand has already attracted a lot of attention and appreciations when brand launched its collection according to the change in the season and trend.