Gorgeous Aima Baig’s Dance Performance At A Family Wedding

One of Pakistan’s brightest talents, Aima Baig, gained notoriety through her performances in Mazaaq Raat and Coke Studio. These days, she is the most sought-after playback singer for both dramas and films. Aima frequently makes headlines for her music, her projects, and the scandals she inevitably gets herself in. But as Aima visited a family wedding with her sister Komal Baig and other family members, it was time for Aima to relax and spend some time with her loved ones.

Aima is a fantastic vocalist, as is well known, but it was time for her to show off her dancing skills. At the wedding, she was seen swaying with her family and friends. Aima danced with all of her self-assurance and appeared to be enjoying herself, feeling joyful, and feeling light.

Here are some videos of Aima Baig having the time of her life:

People had a lot of thoughts and many thought Aima copied Alia’s dance from her friend’s wedding: