Girl Who Sounds Just Like Mahira Khan Amazes the Public

Mahira Khan is a Pakistani superstar who has always been adored and praised by her followers and the general public. People admire Mahira Khan and attempt to emulate her. Many actresses have been caught imitating Mahira Khan in the past. Hira Mani and Durresfishan are compared.

In a recent video that has gone viral, a girl can be heard speaking exactly like Mahira. The small girl remarked, “my family thinks that I speak like Mahira Khan and I also think that I speak like her,” in the video of her mimicking the ace actress and superstar Mahira Khan that is becoming popular on Instagram. The girl mimicked Mahira Khan’s interviews and speaking style in the video.

She did, however, have a style and voice that were pretty reminiscent to Mahira Khan, and all Instagram followers were persuaded that she was really copying Mahira Khan’s look. Nearly everyone admired her for mimicking Mahira Khan. Some others claimed that while the voices are similar, the styles are not. One fan claimed that while the voice is different, the manner is identical. Look at the comments.

What do you guys think about her voice and style?