First Time Ali Zafar Gives Details About His Kidnapping

Ali Zafar is a well-known singer, producer, and actor from Pakistan. In Pakistan and India, he has enormous fame. Nearly 50 million people have viewed Ali Zafar’s most recent tracks, including his Naat. Ali Zafar is occupied performing his performances right now. Yesterday, he received the Lux Style Award as well. The talented musician has opened up to his followers about how he was abducted and his interactions with the legal system.

For the first time, Ali Zafar spoke publicly about his experience being kidnapped today. He claimed that his wife and he were abducted in 2009, a terrifying ordeal about which they don’t talk. “Me and Ayesha were kidnapped in 2009,” Ali posted on Instagram. We don’t really talk about how we managed to live. The agony caused by being blackmailed, intimidated, and harassed by someone who attended your parties, appeared in pictures with you, and called you a friend, however, was not lessened by that. We made the decision to file a claim for damages, but after observing how challenging it is for you to obtain justice, I have chosen to make my position public so that others can read it for themselves. I started a Twitter thread.

The musician revealed the specifics of the kidnapping for the first time on his social media platforms to inform the world that despite being well-known, he isn’t receiving justice. Here is his Twitter thread in which he claims to have knowledge of the person involved. On Ali Zafar’s official Twitter ID, all the postings and papers are accessible. This is the hyperlink: