First Fashion Shoot Of Bahisht e Bareen – Shaan Shahid’s Daughter

Shaan Shahid is a seasoned professional in the film business and he hails from a very gifted family. In his career as a successful producer and screenwriter, Riaz Shahid produced a number of blockbuster movies, however he passed away quite quickly. His mother, Neelo Begum, is a legendary veteran of ancient Lollywood acting, having played several significant roles. Shaan Shahid was chosen as the second generation to carry on the legacy. The biggest movie star in the nation right now, Shaan Shahid is currently producing movies that he enjoys. Shaan is now the father of four children, and it appears that they will all carry on the family tradition.

Bahisht e Bareen, the daughter of Shaan Shahid, is poised to make a successful start in the business. She possesses the style and panache to appear her best, having completed her first fashion shoot for Ali Xeeshan. The first traditional fashion photos of Bahisht e Bareen, a daughter of Shaan Shahid, are seen here: