Famous legendary singer Abida Parveen has surprisingly agreed to sing for a film for the very first time in her whole amazing career which costed decades of making. Abida Parveen has huge and everlasting fan following in the whole of Pakistan especial the interior of Sindh where she has played the most. Abida has never provided a film with her songs or anything. Although in some Pakistani films her non-filmi songs are played as backgrounf and to cover up the intense moments such as the specific situation from the Punjabi movie Zill-e-Shah it has her pre recorded song Kaafi in it.


So finally TV director Farooq Mengal has convinced Abida Parveen to render the magic of her voice into the world of the films and the start would be with the film. ‘Raabta’. And also it would be surely the first time as her own songs for an OST of a film or maybe a TV Drama. Though, some of her pre-recorded songs are included in drama as OST like ‘Yaar ko hum ne’ for Shehr-e-Zaat.