Faysal Quraishi Daughter Hanish Quraishi Dance Performance on her Friend’s Wedding

Hanish Qureshi is a stunning and gifted social media influencer. Her father, Faysal Qureshi, is also a well-known figure in the media. At Emaar Pakistan, Hanish works as a realtor. Before that, she was a fashion stylist for a reputable publication. Hanish Qureshi is a warm, outgoing individual who enjoys spending time with her friends and family. She holds a special place in her heart for her friends.

In the midst of the busiest wedding season, Hanish Qureshi is now attending her friends’ wedding. She has been to the wedding of her closest pals. She also performed a dance to a very well-known tune at her friends’ Mehndi ceremony. Hanish Qureshi was dressed in a sweet black attire and looked really stunning. Her friends adored her dance. Have a look at the video:

@aliabbasiproductions Manike solo | Mehndi Dance | Ali Abbasi Productions #aliabbasiphotography #aliabbasiproductions #pakistanweddings #foryoupage #trending #tiktokpakistan #weddingvibes ♬ original sound – Ali Abbasi