Fatima Effendi And Kanwar Arsalan New Family Clicks from Lahore

Pakistani actor Fatima Effendi is a stunning and gifted individual. Her followers adore the way she portrays characters on stage. The soap operas starring Fatima Effendi are widely watched. Fans adored her roles in the dramas Munafiq, Betiyaan, and Muqaddar Ka Sitara. Fans appreciated her portrayal of Hadiya in Muqaddar Ka Sitara.

The family of Fatima Effendi is beautiful. She has two gorgeous sons, Maahbir and Almir, and she is happily married to Kanwar Arsalan. Fatima Effendi and her family are currently in Lahore. During Ramadan, she is relishing her time spent with her family. Fatima is also touring Lahore’s stunning locations. She shared images from the Emporium mall. Fatima Effendi has already shared many images of her family on Instagram. We have gathered a few images for you here. Check out the images: