The latest couture and dissemination collection was a mixture of whites, gold and ivories, where each ensemble’s layer was mastered to excellence. The silhouettes were sleek; a perfect blend of east meets west. The colorful collection in Pakistan and across borders has created an impression and this is just the beginning! Shazia Deen of Neemar especially designed jewelry for the grand finale of Faraz Manan at the All Pakistan Textile Mills Association Int……. Trade Event.The main objective of APTMA Int. is to give a preview of the initiatives that the All Pakistan Textiles Mills Association is taking abroad. They will be showcasing a series of events that will take place in the leading markets of the world. These places include New York, Paris, Tokyo, Shanghai and other major textiles hubs. APTMA collective goal is to put on the market Pakistan as a dependable textiles supply source by taking Pakistani textiles products to them.