Farah Iqrar’s Relationship With Husband’s First Wife

Farah Yousaf is a well-known Pakistani news anchor and host who has up to this point worked with numerous illustrious news stations. Farah Yousaf is well-known for being Iqrar-ul-second Hassan’s wife. Iqrar is a well-known media personality, host, and journalist. Iqrar was formerly wed to journalist and host Qurat-ul-Ain. Pehlaaj, the couple’s son, is a blessing.

Farah, Iqrar-ul-second Hassan’s wife, recently took part in a “Daily Point” interview. During her discussion of her union with Iqrar, Farah said, “Sometimes such things happen which are not planned by us but it is God’s will. In accordance with the legislation, getting married a second time is acceptable. You occasionally made these choices as a result of the environment. I believe that everyone has the right to pursue their own interests. A man is burdened more because he must carry out justice. He has both society and God to answer to.

Talking about her relationship with Iqrar’s first wife, Farah added that “Firstly, I totally disagree with this word ‘Sautan’. See, there are many members in a family and if you marry a person who is already married and has a family, you should have acceptance that they are my family members as well. If you go thinking negatively from the beginning then your relationship won’t be able to survive. If you accept everyone with an open heart and positive thinking then nothing bad will happen.”