Fans believe Saboor Aly was provoked by her remarks about makeup

Pakistani actress Saboor Aly is a talented individual. She is primarily recognised for her portrayals of evil characters. Saboor Aly performs to acclaim. Saboor Aly is admired for having strong opinions. Her followers respect her for her unplanned reactions.

Recently, a video of the actress from the drama serial “Gul o Gulzar” advertising reappeared. On “Good Morning Pakistan,” the ensemble was advertising a production. Nida asked the male performers, “Which girl takes more time in doing makeup among these?” Omar Shahzad responded, “Kinza Hashmi gets ready in less time.”

The response didn’t sit well with Saboor Aly, who said, “I am shocked that these guys have this much time to notice about girls, this is rather a feminine tendency.” The male actors continued by saying that since nobody like waiting, they must wait for their time if an actress is still applying cosmetics. This is the video.

Fans claimed that Omar Shahzad’s response provoked Saboor Aly, who allegedly responded negatively. They claimed that she took it quite obviously in a terrible way. Is it just me, or did Saboor Aly take it adversely, a fan remarked. A large number of Instagram users concurred. Check out the fans’ comments below the video.