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Famous Pakistani Celebrities Spotted At The Oscars Party

The Academy Awards and the Oscars used to be dominated by white people, but as Hollywood has become more diverse, we have seen many other people of colour receive recognition for their talent, and now there are projects and artists from various racial groups who are honoured at the event each year. Pakistani content is also receiving a lot of attention this year as a result of the success of the Cannes Film Festival-winning movie Joyland, which has since received numerous accolades at other events.

Many Pakistani celebrities were present at the party that Priyanka Chopra held for all the Asian nominees and Oscars shortlist candidates this year. Alina Khan, Saim Sadiq, Sharmeen Obaid Chinoy, and Ali Sethi, the star of Pasoori, were also observed at the pre-Oscars party. Malala was spotted alongside Bollywood and Hollywood celebrities, as well as with her spouse Asser Malik. Here are some photos from the pre-Oscars party and our Pakistani stars shining through: