Famous Pakistani Actor & Comedian Majid Jahangir Passes Away

Famous Pakistani Actor & Comedian Majid Jahangir Passes Away…

Majid Jahangir, a well-known comedian and performer in Pakistan, passed away at 10:00 this morning. RP Productions, a YouTube channel, posted the information. Bahria Town in Lahore was where Majid Jahangir resided. Sources claim that his body is in the Bahria Town Hospital in Lahore. His children will travel from Karachi to attend his final rites, according to the news reports.

During his final moments, Majid Jahangir prayed Allah for pardon and expressed his desire to perform the Hajj or Umrah, according to his attendant and daughter Asia. She stated, “Today, Majid Jahangir died away in the morning at 10:00 am.” Check out the video RP Productions posted regarding Majid Jahangir’s passing:

On their channel, RP Productions also published a video during the day announcing the passing of a renowned comedian and actor from Pakistani television. The story is still considered exclusive, according to the anchor for RP Productions, because Majid Jahangir had no one to care for him and no one was informed of his passing. The host also mentioned their earlier conversation with Majid Jahangir. He claimed that Majid Jahangir, with whom they had a new interview scheduled, had already passed away. Consider watching the video:

Even ten hours after his death, according to the hosts of the YouTube channel RP Productions, no media figures or relatives could be seen outside the hospital waiting to receive his lifeless body. The YouTubers declared, “If no one from the family or carers is seen, we will administer the legend’s final rites in accordance with his height.” Consider watching the video:

Asia, his personal assistant, claimed that no representatives from the media had visited him. Only one or two YouTubers, according to her, showed up today.

Here is another video about veteran Pakistani comedian’s death :

News Source : RP Productions