Faizan Sheikh and Maham Aamir’s Daughter First Birthday Pictures

The talented Pakistani host, actor, and photographer Faizan Shaikh. Faizan has made numerous notable film and television appearances. He is renowned for his important roles in movies and television. In his acting career, Faizan Sheikh has taken on a variety of roles, including comedic, romantic, antagonistic, and supporting ones. The media professional and the stunningly brilliant Maham Aamir, who the actor married, constitute an incredible famous couple.

The couple delighted in sharing the 365-day journey of their gorgeous newborn girl Haadiya Faizan Sheikh after announcing last year that they had become parents of an adorable daughter. Haadiya was featured in photos taken by the couple throughout her various months. On the occasion of their daughter Haadiya’s first birthday, Faizan Sheikh and Maham Aamir today unveiled her face. Celebrating their infant child’s first birthday with joy are both actors. Check out Haadiya’s birthday photos and then her other photos by clicking on the links below: