Eyebrow Piercing Of Javeria Saud’s Daughter Jannat

Saud Qasmi and Javeria Saud are a well-known and endearing celebrity couple. Jannat and Ibrahim Saud, their two gorgeous children, are born to them. The couple enjoys lavish vacations abroad, and they also keep followers updated on their activities. The pair recently took a vacation to the United States and Turkey, and they documented their trip in videos and photos.

Jannat Saud, a daughter of Javeria Saud, has just had her eyebrows pierced. The footage of Jannat’s eyebrow piercing, which was performed abroad, was recently uploaded by Javeria Saud. Consider watching the video:

Beautiful young Jannat Saud enjoys changing her appearance; in the past, she had her hair dyed pink, and this time, she decided to get her eyebrows pierced. Here are a few pictures from Jannat’s piercing video, followed by her family meal photos. Check out the images:

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