Watch these Exclusive Pictures of your favourite cricket start Shahid Afridi. Exclusive Unseen Pictures of Shahid Afridi with Family.Shahid Afridi is a famous Pakistani cricketer. He has a worldwide popularity. He has also made a record of world’s fastest century and world’s huge six. He got famous of his sixes and fours. People call him “Boom Boom Afridi”. He has made Pakistan won many matches. Whenever Pakistani team is in great difficult and is unable to score well, people impatiently wait for Shahid Afridi to come and make the score. When Shahid Afridi comes on the pitch, the bowlers get confused and the fielders shift their positions to the boundaries. I hope that you will be a big fan of Shahid Afridi as he is the shining star of Pakistani cricket team. He has a cute wife named “Nadia Afridi”. He has four beautiful daughters. He loves his daughter and wife very much. He also says that I feel blessed by God due to having four cute daughters.