Dreamy Vacations In Singapore Of Minna Tariq

Young and seductive Minna Tariq is a Pakistani actress best known for playing Sana Javed’s sidekick in the drama series “Ruswai.” Rubina Ashraf, a senior and renowned Pakistani actress who has worked in show business for many years, is the mother of Minna. Despite playing a supporting role in a few serials, Minna was able to win the audience over with her endearing nature and exceptional acting abilities. Minna Tariq married Imran Shaikh, a non-artist, in 2022 at a lavish ceremony attended by a host of celebrities.

Minna Tariq and her husband are now on vacation, just like any other celebrity. The pair recently flew to Singapore to spend their holiday there. On her official Instagram account, Minna posted some entrancing photos of herself and her husband taking full advantage of their holiday. Through her vacation photos, Minna is showcasing some huge styling ambitions as she wore some chic and current looks. Take a look at the photos now!