Dr Munir has been drawing since she was 6 years old. Drawing funny pictures of her teachers, she became popular in school. Some of her early influences were Pablo Picasso and Sandro Botticelli (1445-1510) . However, her biggest influence was Vincent Van Gogh. Her dreams of becoming an artist all came too early she feels as she held her first exhibition in Glasgow Virginia Gallery, London and New York in 2014. A dream, that in essence, turned into reality. She found personal enlightenment and her own path through creating her art.


Dr Munir made a decision to stay away from art school to develop her own style and steer clear of rules and the boxes they are kept in.
I asked Dr Munir what art meant to her. She gave me an enlightening answer,


“Creating art is my meditation, really. The brushstroke, my mantra…it’s almost like I transfer my mind into the tip of the paint brush or pencil, a single focal point. When I sit down and stop trying to ‘create art’, and just PLAY, that’s when I learn. That’s when something presents itself to me on paper. It’s often philosophical. Maybe something that can explain reality and consciousness, or the universe. I’m a huge nerd, in my off-time, I’m often drawn towards science, mythology, history, and metaphysics. I guess you could say my biggest influence is the question “Why?”

I met Dr Munir in Karachi for the launch of her recent art exhibition entitled; Vanity.

She embarked on a selfie project where she took daily selfies. A selfie is a self-portrait photograph, typically taken with a hand-held digital camera or camera phone of herself to create a masterpiece painting of herself consisting of the most simple definition, mosaic which is “a picture or other design constructed from smaller pieces”. As well as the subject and style of the design, it is the choice of materials, plus the skill in creating and placing the pieces that contribute to the personal, artistic and practical value of the mosaic.


I travelled to Mumbai to attend her exhibition Vanity and also it was an opportunity to meet the A list Bollywood stars whom were deeply engaged in her work. Dr Munir first exposure of her work was on social media sites. She said, “Social networking has allowed me to share the entire experience of concept sketch to colour studies to final masterpiece, and I think everyone enjoys seeing this growth.”
Vanity exhibition was attended by,industry stalwarts,musicians and media personalities.


My meeting was a delight with Dr Munir in Mumbai. She was looking sleek and elegant dressed in a eye catching Grey Valentino gown. Dr Munir has been offered cameo roles in Popular Bollywood films which she refuses to work in. Her answer, she is not an actress and her passion is in painting. “I don’t like Bollywood , I have no interest in it.” She even refused to take photos with anyone attending the exhibition.

Despite Dr Munir lack of interest for Bollywood , the stars do love her work and she has received amazing comments from the stars attending her exhibition in Mumbai and Karachi.



Dr Munir recently started a project within Bangladesh and Africa to get more people of all ages involved in art. She also donated some of her valuable pieces to the Art Centro within New York for a local underprivileged community centre.



She sees beauty in everything that surrounds us, and that is the direct influence on the bright colours in each of her compositions. However she still does not see herself as an established artist and feels there is more to be engaged within. I find her observing people and this represents into her paintings. However she sees herself, I have full confidence in her artistic ability and intelligence. An extremely down to earth girl who does not let success get to her. She believes in a “NO ego” policy but finds extreme level of selfishness and ego in peoples personalities however they may camouflage it. Maybe that is why she is so successful.