Details of Sana Khan’s Scary Dream That Lead Her To Leave ShowBiz

Former Bollywood actress Sana Khan. Sana married Anas Syed and left the entertainment world to follow Islam. Since then, Sana has been using social media to update her fans and followers on her newfound path. This year, Sana and Anas had the good fortune to perform the Hajj.

Sana explained her reasons for quitting show business and her return┬áto Islam. Sana Khan discussed her path to spirituality and revealed that she used to dream of a grave that was on fire with her inside of it. This made her believe that she would perish if she did not make the right decision at this time. She also mentioned how she started listening to several Islamic lectures and came to the conclusion that wearing a hijab is highly significant and that one’s last day on earth shouldn’t be the first one.

Sana was visibly emotional while sharing her journey.

This is how people responded after hearing her story.