Lights, camera, fashion. Yes! It is that time of the year because Fashion Pakistan week’s Autumn/winter edition is just a few days away. This year it’s not only going to be festive ( doesn’t mean bridal, hai na?) but there’ll be amazing fashion to suave us all.

I am a FPW enthusiast probably because it’s the first ever fashion that I’ve been to, years back and for the reason that it is not about over-the-top and glorified bridal wear.

#FPW15 DAY 1

#FPW15 DAY 2

#FPW15 DAY 3

This year #FPW15 is going to be even grand. Just look at the designer line-up. Ain’t it’s exciting? From maestros like Nilofer Shahid, Umar Sayeed to glam queens shehla, mahin to grandeur of Sana Safinaz, Elan to perfection of Deepak Perwani, Faraz Manan……. One can go on and on. It is an amazing diesgner line up for all the days of #FPW15.

Here’s to amazing fashion and a great fashion week ahead. Can’t wait for #FPW15 Winter Festive fashion.