Dania Malik’s Aggressive Response To Bushra Iqbal & Public Reaction

Many of his admirers and a few members of the television host’s family are interested in learning the cause of death, but his children, friends, and past spouses Bushra and Tuba have spoken out against the gruesome post-mortem treatment. Dania Malik has stated that the host’s autopsy should be performed. Aamir Liaquat’s body should be exhumed, according to a complaint Dania Malik filed in the Sindh High Court.

Following her remarks and lawsuit, Dr. Aamir Liaquat’s ex-wife Bushra Iqbal and her children appeared before the media, sought legal advice, and sternly declared that they would not permit the court or officials to do an autopsy.

Dania then vented her anger on Bushra on her Instagram, saying, “Post-mortem will be done and I will get it done. Bushra Iqbal didn’t want to appear in the media following the death of her ex-husband, but now that she had learned about the post-mortem, she brought her daughter with her. Why is she against the post-mortem and why is she trying to delay it? Now she is threatening me over the phone.” She used to have a lot of money from her ex-husband, and she is quite intelligent.

She further added, “Also when Nikkah happened, were you with me, now you have snatched his phone and spreading false news about him. Why you didn’t take any action when the video got leaked, you are more responsible than anyone because you didn’t allow your kids to meet him” Here are screen shots.

She also posted old messages of Dr Aamir Liaquat Hussain which were sent to her four days before his death.

Here is the hostile public response to Dania Malik’s post, in which they vehemently denounced her and claimed that her outburst was the result of frustration; they also claimed that Dania talks poorly and should not be given attention. They advocated for Bushra Iqbal. Here are some remarks.