Dania Is A Gold Digger Who Needs To Be Punished, Says Bushra Iqbal – Watch Video

A few days ago, Dania Shah and her mother appeared in court to participate in the post-mortem case when Bushra Iqbal, the ex-wife of the late Aamir Liaquat, filed an FIA Cyber Crime case against them.

Bushra Iqbal recently stated at a news conference that “FIA has given us a positive reaction and they have told us that they’ll investigate independently and take action against Dania. Aamir married Dania in the hopes of having a contented marriage, but he was unaware that he had wed a ruthless lady. Even at this time, he was begging for money. Within 4 months, his bank accounts were empty.

“When Aamir was alive, they were just asking for divorce and nothing else, even they said that didn’t want a penny from Aamir but the moment Aamir died she started acting fake. The divorce was already accepted by Aamir a few days after Dania filed divorce but she’s not accepting it now. We have Aamir’s official statement which proves that Dania is not Aamir’s widow”, added Bushra.

Bushra further said that “Everyone knows that the actual reason behind Aamir’s death is Dania. The entire controversy created by Dania left Aamir all alone. Even Aamir’s driver told me that he used to travel by road know because he was not able to face people after his leaked videos went viral on social media. This case will surely save people from woman like Dania in future.”

While talking about the post-mortem case Bushra stated that “There were no external fractures or injuries on Aamir’s body so we decided not to perform the autopsy. For me Islamic values are preferred than anything else, If we had any doubt regarding Aamir’s death we would have been the first one to ask for post-mortem.”

“We want justice. We want Dania to be arrested as soon as possible and she should be punished for her wrong deeds”, concluded Bushra.