Criticism Ignited by Girl’s Dance at Her Wedding in Honor of Late Brother

Social media is buzzing with an emotional video of a young, stunning bride. The bride may be seen in the video giving a tearful tribute to her reportedly deceased brother. “Brothers are a crucial part of sisters’ lives and behave as fathers in their absence,” she is stating. We will honour our brother with a concert since he was with us and will always be with us. Check out her video announcement.

After viewing the video, internet users voiced their shock and amazement at the fact that she is dancing in honour of her brother rather than offering prayers or doing Fatiha. Is her brother still alive? If he were dead, she would never have danced for him, a user asked. Many of his supporters claimed that praying, giving, and reciting would be the three things that would assist him the most. They claimed that although brothers are a part of life, only prayers should be granted as gifts after death. Here are some remarks.

What do you think about the video and public response to it?