Controversial Discussion on Dajjal & Yajuj Majuj by Sahil Adeem

Popular YouTuber Nadir Ali has a sizable audience for his podcasts. He recently hosted a podcast in which he welcomed Sahir Adeem, a well-known speaker who is well-known for his unconventional, contentious, and autonomous religious beliefs. The Nadir Ali podcast gained popularity due to a contentious and in-depth discussion on Dajjal and Yajuj Majuj.

Two episodes of the popular podcast have been arranged for you. “The Yajuj Majuj don’t exist in this world, why are you searching that wall which is being eaten by Yajuj Majuj and why not searching that nation to which they belong,” Sahir Adeem said in reference to the Yajuj Majuj. “There are just References (Rivayat) about them which are being shared by people.” People interpret the Quran in their own ways, and if you ask the Aalims today, they will interpret Yajuj Majuj in their own ways. Some claim that these Aalims are Chinese. Additionally, he spoke extensively and offered his own assessment of Yajuj Majuj. Look at the link for more details on it!

Speaking of Dajjal, Sahir Adeem stated, “He has not yet been born,” adding that all other messengers have also spoken of him. However, the Islamic scholars’ views on the matter have been distorted; they claim it to be a system and have begun to claim that television is Dajjal because it has one eye. In my opinion, Dajjal isn’t a system but rather an individual.

The general public disagreed with his position on Yajuj Majuj, and there were divergent opinions regarding the Dajjal topic. The general populace expressed a desire to not learn about Islam from Nadir Ali and Sahil Adeem. For clarification, many people turned to Dr. Israr Ahmed’s talks on Dajjal & Yajuj Majuj.