Imran Aslam, president of Jung Group and Geo Television, passed suddenly. Imran Aslam went away at the age of 70 while receiving treatment for his sickness in a hospital. Imran Aslam was born in 1952 in Madras, India, and pursued his education there in the 1970s. Imran Aslam was a member of the Geo Television launch crew and has a very outstanding career as a journalist. He had connections to every Geo TV channel. Imran Aslam was also a founding member of The News, a well-known daily in Pakistan. He held the positions of Chief News Editor and Senior Editor there. He produced more than 60 popular plays for theatre and screen.

Numerous media personalities from Pakistan are sharing their condolences for Imran Aslam’s passing. Many people are expressing their sorrow over Imran Aslam’s passing, including Ali Zafar, Mahira Khan, Azan Sami Khan, Azfar Rehman, and many others. Along with him, the famous people are talking about their experiences. Here are the condolences offered by the famous people.