Comment on 92 World Cup by Nida Yasir Goes Viral

Nida Yasir is widely regarded as one of Pakistan’s entertainment industry’s most entertaining performers. Whether you agree with her views or not, Nida has a knack for drawing attention to herself. Throughout her career, she has done this by bringing in controversial guests and making statements that are difficult to understand. Who can forget the well-known Formula 1 automobile mishap, but it appears that the queen of morning shows is back with another one, this time focusing on the 1992 World Cup.

When Shoaib Akhtar asked Nida during her appearance as a guest on Shaista Lodhi’s new UrduFlix show when Pakistan won the 92 World Cup, Nida was forced to fumble about for a response. Shaista Odhi was questioned if we had won the 92nd World Cup in 2006. Shoaib Akhtar dragged it along as Nida looked for the winning year, despite Shaista’s attempts to stop her from going any further.

Here is Nida Yasir’s new Formula 1 and this time it is the 92 world cup.

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The internet is obviously in fits and this is what netizens have to say: