Celebrities attend Oreo’s 75th Anniversary Celebrations 

To commemorate its 75 illustrious years, Oreo Pakistan hosted a celebration for the stars and their children. The celebration was dubbed the “Oreo Grand 75th Celebration.” The Oreo Grand 75th Celebration event included numerous prominent couples from Pakistan, along with their children. All of the celebs attended the event wearing “Green and White” outfits because the subject was “Pakistan” and its dazzling years. The spouses and their children participated in enjoyable activities while singing national anthems. Additionally, they sang the National Anthem respectfully.

The national anthem was sung by Hira Mani, Aiman Khan, and Iqra Aziz. Numerous actors, including Sarwat Gillani, Junaid Khan, Fatima Effendi, and others, were observed at the event. Celebrity kids were excited to attend the occasion. Here are images and videos of actors with their children or other close relatives. Look at that!