Brother of Saba Qamar passes away

Due to the devastating pandemic, which caused many people to lose loved ones, the past two years have been extremely challenging for the entire planet. These past two years have demonstrated to the world the fragility of human existence and the speed with which even healthy loved ones can pass away. It has also demonstrated to us the value of empathy and quality family time. Similar grief is being experienced by Saba Qamar, who just lost a loved one.

Saba Qamar shared the devastating news of her brother’s passing with her followers on Instagram while grieving for her brother, who was affectionately known by the nickname Munna. Saba Qamar used a prayer for the soul of the deceased as a means of expressing her sorrow.

Family has always been very important to Saba Qamar. Even though she doesn’t want to show them many images, she frequently expresses her affection for her mother, her siblings, and her nieces.

Meshal Cheema, a friend of Saba Qamar, also conveyed the tragic news and pleaded for prayers for the deceased’s soul:

Alhamdulillah Wa Alhamdulillah Rajioon! We send our condolences to Saba Qamar during this trying moment. Additionally, this has left fans heartbroken and in prayer for the family: