A very young and adorable Pakistani couple made news in the media in 2020 when they shared their wedding photos and announced their engagement. The internet was flooded with their wedding photos. The groom and bride attracted attention since they were so young-looking, and everyone became interested in them. Many people began following the couple as well. The general public praised the young couple for providing a lovely example in a culture where people typically wait to get married until they are financially secure.

Soon after gaining the public’s notice, Nimra and Asad began doing YouTube vlogs, which were well-liked by many fans. Nimra and Asad announced their pregnancy a few months ago. While sharing the “Good News” with their friends and fans, the two were ecstatic.

The couple recently announced to their viewers that they are now the joyful and proud parents of a cute newborn boy in a vlog. “On the 9th of August 2022, we were blessed with a baby boy,” they wrote. Asad claimed that he is still giddy with joy and enthusiasm and is unable to adequately explain his emotions. View the images from the Vlog.

Fans loved the news and extended their wishes to the young couple. Well, have a look at the heart warming messages, prayers and wishes of the fans.