Black Friday is coming to Pakistan and we are incredibly excited! It’s going to be the biggest online shopping event in the history of Pakistan, bringing the most unbelievable sales on fashion, beauty and electronics! So save the date and prepare yourself because It’s going to be one wild ride.


But why is Black Friday so unique and why are we blessed with these unimaginable discounts just once a year? It all started with a small Macy’s sale during their Thanksgiving parade in 1924. To kick start a slow retail season and give Christmas shoppers a good beginning, they offered amazing discounts. Because of the success of the sale, next year more stores joined the sale and it became an annual thing. It wasn’t long before a tradition was born and Black Friday became one of the biggest days for shopping all across America. Despite being around for over half a century, the term ‘Black Friday’ didn’t come around until the 1970s when the Philadelphia Police Department began to refer to it as Black Friday because of the traffic jams. Some called it Black Friday because of the black ink used to show profits in a profit and loss statement. Soon it was the official name for the Friday after thanksgiving.

It took a few decades for the rest of the world to come around but the American nationwide sensation went international. Countries like Canada, France, UK, Nigeria, and India introduced Black Friday into their markets, becoming part of the annual Black Friday frenzy. Pakistan might be late to the party but it’s definitely bringing all the insane discounts. Leading ecommerce giant,, is bringing us the biggest online shopping event of the year! So if you’re a fashionista or a shopaholic or both, Black Friday Daraz is definitely your thing. Clothes, shoes, bags, make up, it’s all going to be at a price you can’t refuse! So save the date! Because at 12am on 27th November, the largest sale of the year goes live!