Birthday Pictures Of Saleem Sheikh’s Daughter Anumta Saleem

Famous Pakistani actor in both television and movies is Saleem Sheikh. His television series Sunehrey Din, Paroosi, Kallo, and Rahain brought him renown. He is also known for being Javed Sheikh’s younger brother, a well-known actor. Nausheen Sheikh is the wife of Saleem Sheikh; they were wed in 1999. Three exquisite daughters belong to the stunning couple. Nashmia Saleem, Seleena Saleem, and Anumta Saleem are the names of Saleem Sheikh’s daughters.

The actor recently celebrated his daughter Saleena Saleem’s birthday. On social media, the birthday pictures quickly gained popularity. Anumta Saleem, the actor’s daughter who just turned 20 years old, had a birthday this month, and it was celebrated. Photos from Anumta Saleem’s birthday have been shared. She has divulged every little detail from her 20th birthday party, which her friends and family attended. Along with their daughter, Saleem Sheikh and his wife cut the birthday cake. View these breathtaking images: