Birthday Clicks Of Sadia Faisal With Her Family

The seasoned celebrity Saba Faisal’s daughter is Sadia Faisal. Saba faisal appears as a mother or mother-in-law in almost all of the popular dramas. She has portrayed numerous fantastic roles, and she is currently well-known. Sadia Faisal, her daughter, is also an actress who has appeared in a number of dramas and motion pictures. Sadia Faisal’s birthday was that day, and her family made sure to make it special for her. Along with her mother and father, her two brothers Arslan and Salman Faisal provided a sweet birthday present that included balloons, cake, and flowers. Her son and husband were also in the room.

Sadia’s family recently dealt with a huge scandal after her mother called out her sister-in-law Neha while she was publishing some cryptic Instagram stories. Salman, though, continues to be pictured with the family at all of their celebrations. Here are some images from Sadia’s birthday surprise, which her family planned. Look at this: