Bilal Qureshi and Uroosa Qureshi With Their Son – Beautiful Clicks

The two well-known Pakistani actors Uroosa and Bilal Qureshi are also a stunning famous couple. They were married a few years after they first fell in love with one another. Sohan & Romaan, the two darling boys of both, are theirs.

Because of their incredible chemistry, the duo is cherished by their admirers. Bilal and Uroosa adore sharing their family moments with their fans and keeping them updated with their gorgeous family photos. They also upload their adorable and humorous family moments. This time, the pair has shown Roman and Sohan the photos. Many people have enquired about Bilal’s kid Romaan, so here are some images of him, he added. View every photo that Bilal and Uroosa posted of themselves with their sons.